Who Will Listen?

 Read all about it! 

Read all about it!

We must do something about this 

But here I stand

My voice rings out

Freedom has yet to be given out

I know my rights

I know them to be true

But still 

I stand with fear

If what I say shall get me hanged

Who will speak on my name?

Read all about it!

Blood has run

Of those with a mind, spirit, and heart

Of those who spoke out

Of those who wanted their voices heard

But where will this end?

Lives have been lost

Founding Fathers had fought

 Marked the path

Carved out a way

Gave us our right

Gave us the light 

Made our laws

Made our life

Backed our voices

Can you hear them?

Can our children?

Can their children?

But will there be a limit?

How far can I go?

Will I be prosecuted if I spew hate?

Will I be rewarded if I gush love?

Where will it begin?

Where will it end?

But here I stand

Voice ringing out

Heart clenched

Tears in my eyes

No breath left

No words left

Heart aching

Tears spilled 

Ink and blood mixed

Cannot tell which is which

I pray 

I beg

I might as well yell

Is it worth it?


Freedom of speech

Freedom of press

Freedom of society

Will my children raise their head and cry out?

Will their children preach my words?

Freedom will be given

The law will be served

Justice at my side 

Pen in hand

Ink smeared

Blood spilt

For me

For my children

For America  


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