Who Am I

Tue, 02/16/2016 - 15:31 -- azsxw1

Yeah, I'm cryin' in bed
without a line in my head, I'm dead
but you don't hear me cryin' or lying when i'm dying with dread
this life burning instead while I reach ahead
the finish line drawing close like this life, almost,
every-time anytime I drop the same line, I drop the same line
it never works no more, never works anymore, never works to get more
yeah, it never works
Some lines are to slow, some lines are to thick,
either way I say 'em they still come out to slick, I'm sick
of every single line having to be quick, it's like
more words means a longer dick
but, let me tell you the facts
what lacks and those lines attacks is freedom
from crack addicts who think it's automatic
like we've always had it, when truth is
it's like they hide it in mom's attic waiting to escape,
scary dreams, dark magic
causing us to write to fight these words on the page to your ears
is like combat in free flight
and the fighting never ends
it leaves us all wonderin'
looking for someone who leads
someone who feeds
this thirst inside,
the reason I can't confide,
in this bed tonight
I gotta keep on sight
the goal that sets height
for all those around me
while they can't see the light
I'll show them it's all right
like we're all friends, we're all tight
I'll lead us all with this pen
it's like my words are the string and you all are the kite
except my pen can't draw another word to strong
something's wrong where are you going
where will you be
I can't stop now 
kite don't leave me
oh no there goes my pen
oh no there goes my fame
oh no there goes my life
there goes my name.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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