Who Am I?

Who Am I? You ask
Well if you must know,
I am part-time,
I am all cold.
There's a part of me that beckons,
Beckons for warmth,
And a part of me that beckons
Beckons for reform.
I am who I am
Whether it be kind or cruel,
I am indeed, a spiritual jewel.
I prosper, I'm free, ready for a journey
My right of passage is clear,
for I am ready my dear.
I am transforming into me, myself and I
For I know one day I won't feel more alive.
Let it be frank that I am alone,
but the type of alone that I'd condone.
I am shy, I am free, I'm personal
Society is controversial, but what about me?
Have I become all I can be?
Life is an adventure,
A time to travel, but it is myself I must unravel
From the depths of my heart,
with a running start, I will dive.
I am extrovert and introvert,
A force to be reckoned with,
I am daring, sparing, and caring,
I am conceited and blind to the world
yet I can see clearly, I am just a fraction
of whom I can be.
Famous? Maybe.
Criminal? Possibly.
Wanderer? Completely.
I am a wanderer, I crave excitement.
I crave adventure.
I crave life.
I am me.

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