Who Am I?


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Who am I?

Such a question one would ask.

I could be anything I wanted.

Maybe a singer or a poet.

A Scientist or a Journalist.

A Musician or an Anthropologist.

What could any of this mean?

It could mean that I have a free will of choices

Or maybe that of which would mean nothing at all.

I am complicated.

Yet I am simple.

We are all the same,

Yet we are nothing alike at all.

I may look and think differently than you

But we are alike on the inside.

Same organs, some there and maybe some not.

Different blood,

But it’s still blood.

We may still have our teeth and our fingers.

We all have a heart, though some little use it.

We all love,

Thought there are many callous people.

Who am I?

Its a simple question as to what I want to be.

I could tell you a million lies,

Yet still find truth in each and every one.

You can tell me one lie,

And none of it would matter.

You are not me,

I am not you.

We may be similar

Or we may be different.

But we all have our personal opinions.

What matters is that we know who we are

And we know that no one can ever change this theory.

We have figured that some maybe on top of the world,

When their own world is slowly crumpling inside.

We all figure we have brains,

Though I shall confess,

Rarely anyone uses them for something good.

I look upon others wondering

Who are they?


No answer shall come,

Because no one cares.

Who am I?

Who are you?

What does it matter?

We’re our own person,

That’s all that matters.

Whether you’re an alien,

Or a purple and green fish.

It doesn’t matter,

Therefore concluding the point of what I mean.

I am no one,

Yet I am someone.

What it matters to you is your matter.

I care,

I love,

I cannot hate,

So strongly wish to,

But can’t.

I write,

I play music,

All of this matter to only me.

What matters to you,

Is that you know me.

Who are you?

Someone I know,

Someone I care about.

What ever else that is is up to you.

Anything or Everything is what matters to you

Whether you want to be famous or a star,

Or live the quiet and sane life like many others

Whoever you will be,

No matter where you will be.

People are friends until proven otherwise.

What is it to you if you’re my friend?

What is it to me what you do with your life?

Why do you care about who I am if we’re not friends?

It all matters to someone,

At some point in life.

What it matters now is that you’re here and so am I.

What matters now is the here and now.

Not the past,

The future can wait.

The past is the past,

And the future can still change,

With your actions of today.

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