Of That in Which You Cry

My stomach is pulsating…

Oh, what a lovely sight…

Covered in my own blood,

Sprawled on your kitchen floor in the early twilight.


Light fading quick

And my vision blurring fast,

Oh darling, how I love this

Your sadistic knife you lash.


Heat draining quick

And tears rush from my eyes

Yet i mutter a soft ‘thank you’,

For it be you that cause my demise.


Piercing pains

And restricted breath,

I love the way you stab and choke me

The way my body is so close to death.


I love the way you hate me

Such a euphoric sight,

The hatred in your eyes

As you mercilessly carve my heart out.


Bound by tape

And broken bones

No will to escape,

For your bloody arms are now my home...


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