Which Element Are You?

Four elements:

earth, water, air and fire.

Which element are you?

I am earth.

Because I love the greens of grass, the swiftness of nature

moves beneath my barefeet. Earth is powerful to the eyes of me.

Earth is indestructible to the darkness alone.





I wanted to add for three elements: water, air, and fire.

Water was transparent, flowing through anything 

in the vessel or in the ground.

Water was powerful to the eyes, ears, smell, taste, and touch.

Water was good and bad depending on people’s 

perspectives and circumstances.

Good for drinking the clean water and bad to destroy the

habitats such as hurricanes or tsunamis.


Air was transparent, flowing through nothingness and the sky itself.

Air was powerful to the five senses.

Air was good and bad.

Good for giving humans to breathe the clean air

And bad for toxicating the environment and 

let the wild animals perish from 

eating and drinking.


Fire was warm and blooming.

Fire was powerful to the warm-sided and the cold-sided parts of the world.

Fire was good for keeping yourself warm

And bad for destroying the precious objects in the fireplace 

or wildfire spread across the land

And the vegetation and food were scarce.


All four elements were working together not just single element controlling the

piece of an island or land of an entire world. They worked together peacefully

and work together to destroy certain parts of the world and things Both have

good and bad traits.


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