Where is the peace?

Wheres is the peace?

People are slaughtered, killed, and abused and only some bat an eye.

It takes something big or close to home for anyone to get up and fight for change.

49 have to be killed or 53 have to disappear for an uproar to occur or for people to finally start asking

Where is the peace?

Eric Garner stated, " I can't breath" and when he died people rioted. They flooded the streets chanting his last words.

No, it wasn't peaceful it was bloody and many were hurt.

The people wanted justice but what justice was their in using violence?

What justice was their in hurting those who wanted to be heard?

Where is the peace?

Martin Luther King fought for equality.

He protested peacefully and people listened.

No it didn't happen over night. It took time.

Patience was the key, and during all of this he was threatened and his life was at risk.

Where is the peace?

It takes time. We need patience, but most of all we need faith. 

Faith that their is good in this world and faith that their can be change.

Our world isn't perfect but then again nobody is. 

But nothing can't be fixed.

We must always ask ourselves

Where is the peace?

And if there is our work is done, and if their isn't then we know there is still much more to do.

Where is the peace?


This poem is about: 
Our world


Sasha Estrada

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