Where I, am From


I am from Teddy, the brown nosed

secret keeper,

from the heart of my impeccable savior.

I am from the impossibly high imperial

castle that protected me from countless

encounters with “el loco”.



I am from Sunday trips to the lake and

spirit guides, from Miguel Lago and Maria

de los Angeles Cabrera and Jardon.

I am from the passionate love encrypted

into our DNA and the annoying premature

grey hairs that mark our turning into the 16th


From “estas en todas” and “Dayana por favor!

Cinco minutos de silencio”



I’m from the friendliest of places, from the

Beauty of Spain and Kagoshima, Japan,

noodles and honey chicken.

From the countless attempts to break that

terrible thumb addiction and learning how to play

checkers in grandfathers shoe factory instead.

I am from that secret hole behind the vanity mirror

where everyone’s most valued possessions lie hidden

and waiting.  

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