When You Smile, I Smile. We Smile Together.

Wed, 10/01/2014 - 22:38 -- nechama

when you smile, i smile. We smile together.

my favoite is to wach you smile.

i love to hear you laugh,

i adore when We do it together


i love being the cause of your smile

i work to draw it out

We dance and jump late at night 

"there is no place i'd rather be" ('Rather Be' by Clean Bandit) 


i act silly

out of place

i do what you love most

to see it dance across your face like

"We don't have to worry 'bout nothing" ('Burn' by Ellie Goulding)


Our friendship seems old

but your laugh i always new

"when i met you in the summer" ('Summer' by Calvin Harris)

We had so many fun times

adventures together


for example:


i know you love the swings

We relax side by side

"cause once your mine there's no goin back" ('Dark Horse' by Katy Perry)

and Our memories will last forever


then there is the pool

"when We collide" ('Collide' by Jake Miller)

you smile as We splash

and i squeal as you pull me under


We went biking down the hill

fear was in your eyes

"honestly, i wanna see you be brave" ('Brave' by Sara Bareilles)

and upon reaching the bottom

your smile was from ear to ear


the summer in its glory

"from beginning to end, when you have a Friend" ('The Gift of a Friend' by Demi Lovato)

and with Our memories,

your smile's warmth in my heart

when you smile, i smile. We smile together.

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