When will the learning start?


    The trembling chilling adventures of exploring the sadend mind of what we think today to be whats know as us .

   "You have no say, no right to speak... its just something yoour to young to do." Is something that is poison to the mind of what we all know as teenagers. When will parents learn?

    Not understnading the little things such as sex, alcohol , and the major things such as drug making us want to test them out . When will we learn?

   Being judged because we like someone of a diffrent gender or someone who doesn't meet the "Utopia" description . When will society learn ?

    Beating and harming ourselves because what is put on the little social media websites, wrote on bathroom stalls, or wispered from one ear to another . Why can't we all learn?

   People tend to judge our society because of what the "young ones " have done ... but things such as has been going on for more than just my generation. So, why can't it all be accepted because it isn't  nothing new ,  take us as we are... because teenagers such as I have things like this traveling through our brains . When will we all learn?



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