When One Domino Falls

Is it not funny how
When one domino falls
None of the others
Happen to be nailed to the floor?
Maybe it's because I forgot to keep
A spare hammer
An extra bottle of glue
A larger roll of tape
A box of putty for good measure.
Maybe it's because I never learned
How to build sturdy walls
And fasten tight hinges
To hold them down.
I just wish this chained army
Would stop being such knights
And never have to fall together.
But it's not all their faults --
Blame the one who forgot
Her tool kit.
If you asked the egg
How it's like to be broken,
He wouldn't call it
A great fall.
Such kind words shouldn't be worn
Over a casualty's shoulders;
Losing all of you
From a single fracture,
The hushed, eerie quiver
After removing one piece
From a house of cards.
Laying in my cracked armor,
I just think to myself:
You know you're in trouble
When you lose a part of yourself
And the rest crashes down with it.
There is no king,
No tools, no horses, no men,
To ever put you back 
Together again.
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