When ladies turn to gents

Pretty in pink

darling in silver

diamonds are forever 

love is my journey forever 

he was  all I prayed for and more 

I hope it last till the day we depart

i hope he feels the same way.

My world came crashing down in a split second

His world was no longer mine 

i was no longer his pride 

his dream was no longer mine 

every human instinct tells me to grab a spoon and indulge 

Cry until I can no longer see the room around me 


this is is when ladies turn to gents 

this is when I clean my face up 

this is when I put on my poker face and face him 

this is when I take a sobbing deep breath and breathe out calmly 

this is when I go out and do what the guys do 

realize there are plenty of fish in the sea 

he wasn't meant for me 

I.You.We are Queens 

we don't cry over boys 

we don't grovel over men

we don't love any prince 

we rule beside a king 

so wipe your eyes dear queen 

and pick up your head 

find you a king 

for this boy prince thing 

was not worthy enough for us Queens




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Please share and I hope it encouraged you young ladies who have been heartbroken. You are a Queen and nothing less!!!

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