When it's too late

She doesn’t know the little things I do.
How I wait up for her,
The way I look at her,
Or.. my feelings towards her.

Everyday, I will be waiting.
Making scenarios,
I wanted to make her laugh,
I wanted to be there for her during the darkest of times,

I want to witness everything, but most of all..
I wanted to be by her side.

He doesn’t notice the little things I do.
The way I laugh at his jokes,
The way I seek for him during the times I’m down,
Or… what he means to me.

Everyday, I'll be walking towards him. 
Wondering what he’ll be talking about.
I wanted to be by his side.

I want him to talk to me like he does to his other friends, like an equal.
I want her to look at me like she does for the people whom she cares for.
I want him...
I want her…

To be with me.


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