When I Am #nofilter, I

I am

N   aughty. When I am #nofilter, I eat the forbidden fruit, I hurt others and myself, I do what I'm told not to.

O   dd. When I am #nofilter, I act out and do strange things like dance in the grocery store and shout song lyrics at people.

F   lawed. When I am #nofilter, I don't have clear skin or smooth hair or a flat stomach or white teeth or a thin waist or anything beautiful. I have a scar on my arm, a muffin top, acne, and tangles.

I   gnorant. When I am #nofilter, I don't know anything and I don't know what's going on in the world or anything that is happening within my social circles.

L   ivid. When I am #nofilter, I want to punch a wall or slap a person or strangle myself  or shoot someone, probably me.

T   ears. When I am #nofilter, my eyes are wet and my makeup is running and I release sobs I have been holding back.

E   nvy. When I am #nofilter, I am jealous of her hair, his talent, her voice, his compassion, her, him.

R   ed. When I am #nofilter, I have cheeks redder than a tomato with a sunburn. I look like a clown. I can't do anything about it.


But I am also

N   ice. When I am #nofilter, I remember when I helped her pick up her books, or let him go first in line without a second thought. I am enough.

O   utstanding. When I am #nofilter, I remember that it's okay to be not normal. It's okay to dance in the grocery store. It's okay to be different. Different is good. I am enough.

F   lawless. When I am #nofilter, I remember that I gained back the thirty pounds I lost from starving myself and my scar from self harm is okay because it shows I am strong and I can survive. I can survive.

I   ntelligent. When I am #nofilter, I remember I am smart. I get good grades in school, I am witty, I am enough. I am enough.

L   oving. When I am #nofilter, I remember the people I care about. I remember my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, my friends from drama, my best friend August. I am enough.

T   rue. When I am #nofilter, I remember I am true to myself and what I believe, no matter what happens. I can survive.

E   ncouraging. When I am #nofilter, I remember I have different talents from everyone else and I should be kind to others. I am enough.

R   oyal. When I am #nofilter, I remember I am a daughter of God and I am destined for royalty someday. I have flaws. But with #nofilter, I am still beautiful. I am enough. I can survive. I don't need a #filter to be #amazing.

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