When Fate Betrayed the Trust I gave.


I am done not being done 

I lost it all, the fat is gone

I tried, I really tried

Then, I had a moment with the mirror, it all came back

As a girl I used to eat like a bike lacking breaks

One day those breaks worked

I was done not being done

I used to be fat yet, you were so sweet

But, I realized you were the enemy

I lost it all the fat is gone

A miracle occurred to me one night

I was finally a size one.

'Oh' she was so sweet

How could I resist!

So close I kept to me the enemy

I tried, I really tried

I started eating once again

This time I had no breaks

Perfect no longer I was

The scale tells me no lies

The reflection in the mirror was my one true friend

It tried to keep me in perfect shape

One night I had a moment with the mirror

She told me the real deal

My dreams were full of tears that night

My hope became a trap of mosquitos

I knew the end was soon to be near

My life turned out to be skinnier than me

My destiny is my only enemy.

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