What's still Great

Riots all across different towns, everywhere you look you see dirty frowns

You look at a world filled with sadness, but do you succumb to madness

No, because I know what’s still great, it’s what makes me not want to hate


And I know what you’re thinking “everything is bad and I’m calling his bluff”

Well then let me enlighten you about some really Great stuff


A warm meal and a cool drink, a place where you can learn and think

Seeing a smiling face or hearing a few funny jokes, a pleasant Sunday drive when you visit you’re folks


A kitten’s meow or a puppy’s bark, a day on the beach a stroll through Central Park

Viral videos and your best friend’s funniest dance, Binge-watching on Netflix and an enriching romance


Ice Cream and Birthday Cakes, Sour-Patch kids and Frosted Flakes

Graduating and swelling with pride, Watching Bambi without having cried


Carnival Games and wild Roller Coasters, Hot delicious pop tarts fresh out the toaster

You see not everything is as depressing and morbid, so here’s some more great things so don’t get distorted


Getting to go outside and play, a cool breeze on a really hot day

Walking down the sidewalk and finding a shiny new nickel, an old man’s chuckle or a baby’s giggle


Pancakes for breakfast topped with whipped cream, going to sleep and having a good dream

Learning something new and gaining new knowledge, a warm hug or an acceptance letter from college


Hot chocolate on a cold day or a meaningful kiss, a satisfying nap always gives the feeling

of bliss


Going to a baseball game, or even finding someone with the same name

Your favorite movie or favorite song, thinking about other great things all day long

I know sometimes the world may seem to put a lot on your plate, but never forget to hold your head up and remember what’s still great

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My country
Our world
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