Whatever Comes My Way

As the wind blows harder and harder the stem begins to break.

Just seconds away from giving out.

No matter how hard he tries to hang on, this little perplexed leaf knows that it’s time.

It is now his turn.

He is now free and has to leave all the other leaves behind.

He realizes how hard this is going to be for him but,

it’s time to move on.

One last strong gust of wind and this leaf becomes independent, free, and all on his own. He has no one to protect him or rely on but himself.

It may be exhilarating at first, but he never knows where the wind might take him next.

As he gets carried along by the wind, he wonders where he will end up.

He could be heading for disaster or his dreams.

But he will always look back to where it all began,

and wish he was still on that big old oak tree.

With the sun shining right down on him.

The laughter of children from down below playing in the park.

With his brothers and sisters all around supporting him in whatever he does.


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