What You Mean To Me


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     What You Mean to Me

It seems like it started so long ago

You only had a picture to show

Remember when you switched to my class

And the silly faces that we would pass

What about when you first held my hand

It felt like a rocket took off that would never land

Even the special moment in the parking lot

That’s when you had me bought

As the time went on and on

I finally had you before you were gone

You became my pride and joy

Something really special to this boy

When I stray far away

You have always known what to say

A tree holding onto this changing leaf

The strong rocks that make up this reef

You are the wind that sails this ship

Without your love this sail would rip

I have become so fond of you

With every possible thing that you do

You remind me of a summer’s eve

Cause of your bright smile I could never leave

7 and ½ with you by my side

Yet the love still hasn’t died

The promises I made came from within

Breaking them is a forbidden sin

When I am not be seen, I am still with you

Because of this special bond between us two

I cannot promise you we will be forever

But I do have something else that is clever

I promise to stand by your side no matter what

I promise to hold you when you cry

I promise to work through any problems we may face

I promise to only have you in my life

I promise to comfort you when you are hurt

I promise to grab your hand when you are scared

I promise to take care of you when you are sick

I promise to always make time for you no matter what

I never really stressed how special you are to me

I would be a different person without you, don’t you see

You really make me feel like a special friend

I want to make it to the very end

Please know you will never be alone

All you have to do is call my phone

- Rich King



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