What you Cannot Know


I know that I am more shallow plains than mountain tops,

I am more gladiator than gambler, more human than man,

more rusty fork than sliver spoon, more explicit content than censored radio,  

I am more arguement than indulging conversation, more cap gun than rifle.

more bomb than bullet, more winters night than summers eve,

I'm.....More of me, And I know it takes some, out of there damn minds to love me.

I've never questioned the very love that peirces my ears that of fingers

gliding across the cords of a golden harp, 

how you've turned this hornets nest of a heart into a honeycomb of deep and hidden affection,

How our love speaks a language only you and I comprehend,  

I never understood how I could out of the pink fired sky of love tell you anything,

how talking to you feels more of confession than conversation.

To complex for the human vocal cords to mimic

How I am able to find the eyes of God himself in your chocolate spine

that you and I with this love are new to this but our connection deeper than this.

how we are able to turn bed springs into tulip tips and shake white headboards into crucifix.

you are more quiet rain than hurricane, and I must say I am no prize winning or

something worth showing off but I am something, and it takes someone out of there

damn mind to love me.

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