What a Year

What a year.

What a year it has been 

At the start it looked promising, but then and only then 

4 letters flipped the world upside down 

I-S-I-S, what a horrible sound 

To serve and protect, harrass and to kill

I'll forget about it, let me take another pill

No one is safe, even in their own homes 

Daddy owns a gun, but don't let little Johnny too close 

A kid dies, more lies, and no justice 

Now your city's up in flames, oh what a ruckus 

Money, guns, drugs, and lying politicians 

Put those four together and you get the U.S. definition

Trump loves controversy and to ban people from a country that isn't even his 

Maybe we should ban you from the planet, haha, sorry buddy, I guess you're out of biz

Living in a world of lies and violence and suicide 

Mommy had a son and now all she can do is cry 

The City of Love turned to the city of blood

Look into the eyes of your killer and you can't even run 

Can't even go to school now, don't trust no one

The kid with the bully now's the kid with the gun 

428, that's the magic number 

That's how many people were put to an eternal slumber 

There will be justice for you, hopefully soon

Rest in peace angels, there is better than here, I promise you.

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My country
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