What was always ours

I'm raising my glass
I'm showing what I lack
Here's to the start of a joined era full of messes left to sort out
To sharing shocked minds and smelling our brain farts
To gratifying work spent building the right retirement home

For helping me search for pearls one oyster after the other
I give you all my appreciation honey
For demonstrating the right form of patience day after day
I give you all my appreciation honey
For confiding in me the truth of all your nightmares
I give you all my appreciation honey

Although the frame locks away
What we go through everyday
I’m sure nothing matters more
Than how I feel in closed doors
You dim my fear
You take my pain
Keep my insanity at bay
Outside is unimportant
We’ve stopped living for them
Allowed the stares
To fade into the background
Told them what’s theirs
Took back what always was ours



really liked this one! Very inspiring


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