What is Sought

What is Sought  

Why do we keep running?

What wheel do we spin?

A race in chase of nothing

That none shall ever win.

A life filled with fraught

As we await the end

“Where to find what is sought?”

We ask as we approach the end.


Is it wealth that bring us joy?

Will riches save with virtuous ploy?

Or is coin as horse to Troy,

Illusion that with our hearts do toy,

Eroding our freedom all for nought.

Wicked things make wicked men

Gripping them from gentle stem,

Uprooting slowly, unknown to them

And find not what they sought.


Will another’s love save us still?

Reviving our lost and misplaced will?

Love sings, like a songbird on the sill

So close, yet far, to us it kills,

Raising our hopes all for nought.

For we are islands all alone

Our flaws all etched in ‘mortal stone

For only us to be all known

So find not what we sought.


“Love can save us yet,” you say?

That its sweet warmth can calm the fray.

But Love is a game for dangerous play

Bliss for some but many betray

Luring us close with little thought.

However Love may sooth our soul

Like jagged edges of vibrant atoll

For fall too far it takes its toll

But some find what they sought.


Another soul won’t fuel your flame

Cannot quell your internal strain

But only quietly still will maim

For only self can truly tame

Our thirst for what is taught.


Contentment be the gilded key

And from ourselves we will be freed

Gifted by us eternally

So find now what we sought?  


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