What Makes You Different

Mon, 03/04/2013 - 18:09 -- kdean


United States
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I remember you sitting next to me learning about our history,
about the protest that our ancestors took part in.
For you and I to live free, with equal rights as whites.
Belittlement, beatings and such things as slavery.
They fought for equal schooling,
White on black crimes,
Public visitation rights,
and equal working rights.
Today's a disgrace for colored people!
As people of color, why do we drop out?
Why are there so many black on black crime?
What makes you different then the life you've took?
Why do people of color depend on the white man...
to be given limited dreams and handouts.
Why are there so many colored peopel on unemployment, with government assistance?
Where are you the one month we get for acknowledgments?
What makes you different from I, because to reality you and I are a "them"
Together "we" as people of color have to be as one.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

people need to unite as one-agree with that notion 100%
people need to stop making excuses and rewrite history
great job in expressing yourself-needs to be conveyed all across the board
keep writing-great job

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