What Makes You


She told me "you will not be much of anything,

People just look right through your frail bones

You will never make much of a difference because

You will end up very cold naked afraid alone

If you think that you have something

To contribute to this world

Save it, because you are an 

Average, empty, futile little girl"


She told me I was her hero

She set out to walk in the prints I laid down

She asked me how I became the woman I became

And how I was able to rid of my frown

She longed for my ambition

Replicated my sanguine approach

She was the youthful athlete

And I her proud coach


I told myself that this was a dream

It could not be reality

Because there was no way I became someone's idol

When the worst was expected of me

I was not told I would make it 

Or be much of anything

I sat for years accepting defeat

A dull pain and anguishing

But one day I woke up with purpose

And set out to make amends

I woke up with a drive

To override, to transcend


Her words suddenly were not much of anything

People longed to live in my bones

They asked me how they too could make a difference

They told me I was not alone


I love the me that I am today 

I love my insides in and outsides out

I love that I am a walking representation

Of what being yourself is about


And to the girls who felt like me

When I was down feeble weak

Challenge yourself to love the soul inside of you

That many girls long for and seek.


Love yourself or no one else can. 






This poem is about: 
Our world



This poem illustrates the non-support I received during my early years. I literally woke up one day and God told me, no more believing this. I made you in my eyes and you are someone, because you work through me. I began to love myself. I stopped passing the mirror and I begain encouraging other girls to feel beautiful about themselves. I realized at an important time in my life that loving yourself was so incredibly important because how can anyone else fall in love with your flaws and what makes you beautiful if you cannot see it for yourself. In God's eyes, in our own eyes, we should see love. We should feel loved. 

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