What Lies Ahead


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What Lies Ahead


I haven’t written a poem in awhile

It’s as if my thoughts were put in a file.

A tale is given to show,

What others may not surely know.

As I wake up every day,

I have a feeling of a price to pay.

Decisions got me to where I stand,

My boat sails across the land.

The destination is unknown,

I have never been a skipping stone.

What happens when we break stride?

A small piece of you has just died.

The sounds are clear of the bells,

There is no water left in my wells.

He will drag you down six below

Without any time to even know.

The blood was said to forgive and restore,

You can hear the body roar.

Every night we ask him to forgive,

Every day we thank him to live.

It’s something to not forget,

Before that heart begins to quit.

When it is my time to go,

They will ask why I have nothing to show.

Every second that ticks on by,

You can hear a lost soul start to cry.

The feeling of pain surrounds us all

Pray that you get the right call.

Everywhere you look, misery lurks

Does it ever seem like nothing works?

I warn you now, the time will come.

For my actions have shown my very sum.


                                                                                                                                                                -Rich King


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