For What It's Worth, Maybe You Can Live a Life Your Proud Of


Do you want to know what inspiration feels like?

To inspire is to step outside of

Every single box you’ve ever known

And kiss away the shorelines of fear

Even if only for one moment

Because no matter how many times I've convinced myself

It's better not to feel, stay numb,

Pain is hurt and

Hurt means terrible, horrible things,

I can't help it.

I'm a stimulant junkie,

I feed off emotion,

And without passion

I am nothing.

Yes, your words replay

Like bad music in my head:

Let it go.

Stop trying.

But I can't let you get to me

If feeling means falling,

Then I want to be Ms. Beautiful Disaster.

Because don't tell me you're happy

Don't tell me you've found it.

I know you can't see.

But, I'm losing this non existent war

Because people don't believe.

You think some friendships are worth losing,

Some lovers are meant to remain lost,

But I'm telling you don't give up the fight.

We are all worth every part of our lives put together

Because we are not a collection of happenstances

But how we choose to act in the moments that capture them.

Everything that has hurt me has made me stronger.

I feel because I have the ability to love and forgive

To go beyond this selfish cycle of

Get up, achieve nothing, and go back to bed

because we’re too scared to search for what is more,

And stand for this idea

The ideal that to inspire people

You have to make them wake up and look in the mirror.

And I promise you if you don't like what's staring back at you,

You can find the courage to start over.

Every person, every life, you touch you leave a mark on,

And it's time to stop scribbling over the imperfect ragged marker lines you couldn't quite erase

And start using them to build this masterpiece you can deem worthy of calling life

All you will always ever be

Is what you choose to do consistently, fervently,

Every single day.

Do you want to know what inspiration feels like?

This is it.



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