What is it now?

It's my friends

It’s when they no longer wait for me

It’s being moved to a different group

It’s third wheeling in a relationship they don’t recognize

It’s realizing she no longer confides in me first

It’s seeing how often she texts the two of them

It’s when they never respond to my texts

It’s when I’m the bad guy’s sidekick and they’re all loved

It’s when they laugh so much

It’s when I feel like if I laughed more they might like me

It’s when I know I’ve hurt them

It’s when I feel like a burden

It’s when none of them come to my show

It’s when they pass around a book but keep it from me

It’s when they’re all better than me

It’s when the only thing I thought I could do well was taken away as well

It’s when I could stop saying hi and the only one who would notice is in my class

It’s when they don’t let me make jokes

It’s when they feel more comfortable around people than I do

It’s when the only response I can think of comes from jealousy

It’s when it’s my fault

Because it is

It’s fear of missing out keeping me from making connections

It’s feeling like they would be better off if I just left

It feeling like everyone would be better off if I just left

It’s when they are all so incredibly kind

It’s when I feel like if I say anything bad about someone they’ll hate me

It’s when no one laughs

It’s when no one cares

It’s when it feels like no one cares

It’s crying and wishing they were there

It’s never calling them anymore

It’s being a burden

It’s feeling like all I can do is pour my problems onto them

It’s wanting so badly to help

It’s not knowing how

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