What If

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 20:08 -- Stefany


United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

What if my life came crashing down before my eyes,

and no one was there for me in the flesh.

And fire robbed my house,

and I ran upstairs to the room with the escape root

just to see the windows opening for me just in time.

My white French doors.

What if I went out onto my roof desperately,

looking for a way out?

And I ran to the edge of my roof only to find 

a latter raising itself from the dirt to my feet

What if I climbed down the latter, ran towards the front of my lawn, 

and just stared at my house? 

And no one was there. 

What if no one was there for me in the flesh? 

No one is reliable. 

All I can count on is how miracles will never fail to be on time.


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