What I Would Change

If I could change one thing so small,

A thought, a word, a friendly call,

I would change the hearts of men

To turn from gold and wealth times ten,

And turn instead to their brothers plights,

and help lift burdens, to help make them light.

For, when all is done and truth be told,

Only this will give men hearts of gold.

But, I think, this thing so small,

Is not so small. No, Not at all.

For should this tiny change take place, 

The world would change! The human race!

We'd all be kind and we all would share,

We'd all have someone who would be there.

We would not complain, nor make a fuss,

For we would not be focused on us!

We would all have homes and food to eat,

Life would not be a race, we would not compete!

The color  of skin or the shape of our eyes,

Would no longer matter. We'd strengthen our ties!

Brothers and sisters, we would all be.

Brothers and sisters, yes, you and me.

So this thing, this thing so small,

Is it that small? No, not at all.

But should we change it, no matter the size,

We'd all be better off, for the rest of our lives!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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