what i would change

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  The things I would change in this world Everyone love one another not hurt one another There would be more smiling and less crying There would be more working together and not growing apart
The world is so bitter Yet no ones the same We all crave action Yet no changes have came Let us live in peace That would do no wrong Eliminate the evil Let all types Sing the same song
If I could change one thing so small, A thought, a word, a friendly call, I would change the hearts of men To turn from gold and wealth times ten, And turn instead to their brothers plights,
A little boy broken and usedA little boy who is misunderstoodraped and beaten with no where to gohe became mute till five the only sign that showedhe then in return malested his own
What are we truly fighting for? As mankind continues at war.  Some might say it leads only to misery. War to war Death by death Soldiers facing obstacles we dare not speak of.
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