What I Need

Crystal water and golden sand,

sunshine and peace of mind.

Such a beautiful paradise,

it’s almost easy to ignore the floating wreck

of the boat that didn’t quite make it to shore.


A solid, strong boat torn apart by a wicked storm.

Lightning and wind, waves crashing and tearing at the sails.

Until there was nothing left

but ruins.


Ruins floating just offshore.

Ruins I could swim to, if I really wanted.

I could save the things that are beginning to sink.

But I stay on this paradise-island.


The things that sink to the bottom of the sea:

Photographs, a journal, and a diamond ring.

Things that mermaids discover with glee:

A letter full of love and a letter full of hope.


The storm is gone now, there is no lightning and no more wind.

I could save the sinking things.

The things that will soon rest at the bottom of the sea.

Invaluable things.


But on this island, the only thing I need

is Me.


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