What I Need


I need a lot, but i need not to need.

A simple mind needs simple pleasures, but I need more.
I need a lot and need not thought just to need. 
I need much more if I am to please. 
I need tomorrow and I need today. 
I need the April, I need the May. 
I need the morning, night, and noon.
I need the earth, the sky, the moon.
I need too much, I think. 
I need to breathe, I need to blink.
I need great myriads of things, 
I need laughter to give me wings. 
I need the sorrow... to love, to die.
I need to borrow what I can't supply. 
I need judgments and praises. 
I need puzzles and mazes. 
I need focus, I need distraction. 
I need to see the main attraction. 
I need age, and I need youth. 
I need lies, and I need truth. 
I need to grieve, I need relief. 
I need to see, I need belief. 
I need the subtle raindrops on surfaces above. 
I need always your touch, your voice and your love. 
...Most of all what I need is you.


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