What I Can't Say to My Teacher


Teacher, before we start the dramatics,

Before the sighs begin.

I would like for you to know

about what really happens within.


Yes, sir; the problem IS written clearly on the board.

But the chalk dust settles over my mind

and my brief instance of clarity is erased.

Before I know it, another test needs to be signed.


Ma'am, I understand your frustration

but what you are asking simply can't be.

It's like asking a lame man to walk

or begging a blind man to see.


Conductor, can you ever understand?

I have a disorder that makes my thoughts race.

The tempo may be ear- shatteringly fast,

But I want to pick up the pace.


Some can be spotted easily,

but mine isn't so.

A.D.H.D. gives me the vise of being lazy,

But my body wants to go Go GO!


Teachers, I want to do my best!

Help clear the dust

from my my mind before I go, or

I don't know what I'll do, come August.



I love how your message about A.D.H.D was hidden in the beginning and then came out. It kinda made me feel guilty even though im not the teacher.

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