This Is What Happens Behind Closed Doors

Your treatment of me
Testament to hypocrisy

Remains of a once treasured now shattered oath scar both body and soul.
None have shown me a thousand Hells the way you did, oh how far you did fall

Through the web did I see how you reap what you have sown
The breath of your love no longer his own

Fuck your words of holiness!
For now I see your inner brokenness
Die inside, lose your sleep tonight
Forever burn in your unholy light.

If indeed Christ cried tears for me
From my Hell he would've saved me
Where were you when they raped me?!

I remember not wether my eyes ever shed a tear as the puddles accumulated on the floor
All the times my weary heart whispered "No more."

Maybe it just wasn't meant to be
I just wanted you to love me

In your blind eyes utter hatred is all I see
Your mouth spewed poison, locked my heart behind barbed bars
Perhaps in Hell you will see my life flee over and over from me
Suitable punishment fit for an eternity.

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