What Is a Friend?


Bitches will be bitches. But what is a friend?

A Friend is someone you trust, would do anything for

A Friend is someone who you care about

A Friend is someone who you would never even dream about hurting, even if it meant hurting

            yourself in the process

A Friend is someone you comfort and take care of when hurt

A Friend is someone you will always defend in any situation because you love her

A Friend is someone who you would give up your happiness for her happiness

When this friend betrays you

What can you do?

All trust is lost

That love is taken for granted

The hurt is now projected upon yourself

You lost all sense that people care

You can’t accept that the person you defended would deceive you

Your happiness is shattered

Your friend is playing a game

You are inexperienced, too emotional, too trusting,

Not calculated, not planned, not manipulative

You became a pawn in this game

An insignificant piece

And, in many cases, the sacrifice

You were used

Your friendship was abused

Why can you not be angry at this betrayal?

Why do you feel the need to justify your sadness?

Why are you willing to believe the words, the lies?

Why can’t you see the hidden motives?

Thank you friend for opening my eyes to the cruel realities of the world

Thank you friend for helping me become less naïve

Thank you friend for teaching me that not all people can be trusted

Thank you friend for finally showing me who you truly are and for that

You Lost a Friend. I lost a “friend”


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