What do you want


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I'm sick of doing this.
See I just want you.
But do I make you happy?
Do you want me too?
A relationship can make you mad,
but is all the time accurate?
You're not doing anything and I'm bending over backwards..
For you, for us.
To show you that I'm for real.
My hearts on my sleeve
But you joke like its a gag reel.
A plane ticket was given to prove your love?
Please get out of here,
It was prom & that was just once.
You never compliment me ,
Or do the things you used to.
You fail to realize,
Other dudes try too.
I wanna say I'm done and just throw in the towel.
But I'm caught up in love & my faith isn't gonna let me down.
Faith that we can overcome our battles,
And end up on top.
But you gotta show me some emotion
Cause right now, you fail to realize what you got..


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