What Do I Do Now?


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You built me up, up to the clouds
In my throne, as I looked down
At all the faces that stood below
Just to keep me as your little girl.
Kept me there safe and protected
From all the world's chaos and all the rejections.
You worked so hard to give me all my needs
But prevented me from standing on my own two feet.
The stranger that one day became my dad
Helped to bring stability and take away the sad.
A completion to the family, you earned my love and care
With everything you gave me, it simply would be fair.
The bills were paid on time and money overflowed
I never had a worry, the world was left unknown.
But as I grew up, I began to see
That life was more than I could have ever believed.
You did everything for me, which we realize was so wrong
'Cause now I'm forced to face the world, a face not independent and strong.
Falling from my throne, I'm no longer your little girl
An adult now but clueless on how to take on the dark and scary world.
Happiness and love never lacked one bit
But I have to learn to climb, my way out of all of this.
This, that kept me closed in, childish, and naive
Will one day go away as I learn to stand on my own feet.


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