What could've been


O I remember how it used to be,

When the country was good and free.

When the sky was blue and the grass was green,

But the the war came and the world was

No longer so serene.


I was but 18 when they sent me to war,

Even when we were done my country wanted more.

And so we fought and fought until it ceased,

But even then there was no peace.


When we returned the bombs fell,

War came for my country to go to hell.

It has been 20 years since then,

I will never be the same again.


Every day there are less of us,

Were dying in the fields and are

hiding in a bus.I wish I could ask the men

Who sent us to war was it worth it the death and slaughter,

I only wish for what could've been .


"All war is a symoptom of mans falluire as a thinking animal"

Jhon Stenbeck


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Our world
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