What all eyes see

When you look at me,
do you see a statistic?
Do you see 3/4 of a person?
Do you see a man?
Or a color?
Are you blinded by a stereotype?
Or looking deeper to the character?
Do you see a potential for greatness?
Or the restriction on what society says I can do?
Do you see a future father? Or a dead beet?
Because what I see is all I've ever seen.
All society has ever shown me. Which is
That because of my skin they limit me.
They bind my hands not in chains but with cold hard restrictions. They look at me and see welfare.
They look at me and see a rapper or thug.
But they overlook the most important thing, the character. The heart and soul of this man.
So I ask to everyone look past my skin. Don't judge my color but my morals. Look at me not with segregated eyes, but more so over with civil eyes.
Eyes that see equal opportunity for every man.
Unalienable rights for every man and women. No matter the color nor the stereotype. So look at me past what all eyes see, into a different realm where all men are not a color, or statistic. But instead a character. Not limited by society, but instead free from the chains of limitation and restriction.


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