Were You Ever My Friend?

Dear Zhenna,

I don’t want to do this,

But what choice do I have?

Where else would I go,

If you’re the only friend I have?


I feel like this is wrong;

But--I don’t trust myself enough.

I still end up doing it anyway;

Since you’ll leave me if I don’t.


You made me follow your steps;

And carry all of your debts.

You made me believe in those lies;

That made me run home and cry.

Tell me, were you ever my friend?

If this was all I got in the end?


I’ve always trusted you,

Really, you were my everything.

But I gave you so many chances,

Yet--all you did was lie.

Was I just your servant to control?

A worthless, despicable troll?

Tell me, were you ever my friend?

If all you did was pretend?






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