Were all crying.Were all


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United States
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Were all crying.

Were all crying becuase the daddi issues

and crying becuase the definition of beauty does not start with ourselves

and crying because our razors dont solve problems;

they just make them ovbious for everyone else

and crying becuase he raped me

and crying because il never be good enough

and crying becuase im tired of being the small one

and the ugly one, and the one who sits alone.

I'm crying becuase the ones who i love do not love me back

and crying becuase i have no goals unless someone else

gives me some.

I'm crying becuase he starves himself,

I'm crying because she refuses to believe that her beauty is on the outside; too

I'm crying because death-do-us-part means everyone in my family is dead


Crying isnt solving any of my problems.


The happiest person cannot cry

the happiest person doenst get down

the happiest person has the perfect life painted on my mask.

who am i to say i am the happiest person when there is no reason for me to be happy

besides you.

You are the only thing in my entire life that as only ever made complete and utter sense


You are the only thing that makes me a million times better in the morning and at night,

and you arent alchohol.

You are the only thing that makes me more nervous than my first middle school dance.

You are the only thing that i think about, and the only reason i dont want to cry.


We are all crying.

Whatever we are crying for is our own business, but crying in general.

We are all doing it.

But happy people dont cry.



I think your poem is very heart touching and interesting. I love your openness. I hope one day you can be free from the pain and find joy and happiness.

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