We love to tell fish to climb trees

A fish radiating off the moon
Like the summer's light.
Blazing hot as day on the coldest night.
Blended in with the ocean blue.
Picture perfect, what a view.
Only one of its kind yet was considered stupid.
Simply because it couldn't climb
A tree,
how putrid.

The fish fell to the depths
of the ocean.
Climbing the ladder of despair.
Wishing it could climb trees.
Feeling like life wasn't fair.
The fish swam and it swam.
Until it bumped the light
of an Angler fish.
The fish suddenly got an idea
And made the water around him swish.

The fish asked how could it climb trees,
Without the use of wings.
The Angler fish said back,
"you're already climbing
Better yet flying."
The fish was puzzled
And look confused
The Angler fish said "your wants are simply a ruse, and that
You'll never be truly happy until you love yours"
The fish began flying through the sky with eaze
The fish realized it could finally,
climb trees.

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Our world
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