We know you CAN see them; to the girl with ruby wrists and the teacher who ignored her


We know you can see them.

Your eyes on your desk,

your pen in your hand,

your lips glued together,

and your eyes defiantly shut,

We know you can see them.

They are the quiet ones,

the loud ones,

the 'put-on-your-happy-face-and-smile' ones,

and we know you can see them.

Today you sat me by a girl,

so quiet in her ways,

a girl you never talk about,

who grows more distant by the day.

Today her wrists were ruby red,

you never said a word.

Leaving somber eyes and painful lies,

her story was left unheard.

Ruby wrists and bleeding hearts go hand in hand you know,

your ignorance and indifference has given her nowhere to go.

So off we run in frantic steps,

to help as best we can,

to pick up the slack where you've left off, while you were too afraid to stand.


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