We are Teen


Who are we?
We the nameless, shameless
Youth of everlasting sameness?
So similar yet so unique,
Our secrets seemingly forever,
And promises we strive to keep.

What are we, teen?
Child? Young adult? Is that yet to be seen?
What are we doing now? School, home, work, fun—
It all matters somehow.

When will our time come?
With the rising of the next moon?
Or the appearance of the sun? What is our purpose?
To work hard to get what we want soon.
Or enjoy present experiences we could never purchase?

How will our voices be heard?
When we stumble over words,
look so young, so naive.
Are we chidren, meant only to be seen?-
when are we finally seen as adults,
and not just silly little things.

Who are we—
But that stage in between?
Not full-grown, yet not a child,
Ready to stand on our own, yet still liable to run wild—
We are teen.


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