We All Fall Down


Don't look down,

If you do, you might see

That you have started to fall.

And once you start to fall, 

You never seem to stop.

I can feel my feet slipping,

and I know it's only a matter of time

Before I let go and let myself





Head over heels,

hopeless and careless.

And I can't let myself do that.

"Hold on" I tell myself.

"You can't let yourself fall again,

you broke yourself the last time.

You are strong. Don't let go"

I can talk till im blue in the face,

But i can never get my heart to listen.

It will always want what it wants,

and it won't let me persuade it. 

So here I go,

Over the edge.

Slipping, and tripping, and falling yet again.


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