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Our meeting?
How could I possibly describe it?
In tones and words and emotions so fleeting
That the memories of it would cry out for injustice
Because its beauty isn't a thing
That you and I can hold onto to keep it sound?
The desecration would be underwhelming,
And that's a crime in and of our being.

How dare you ask me!
But indeed, dare again –
And I will help you see
Just how we came to be.

It was a slight of hand, a trick of the eye
Just a simple trick that started the motion
Of them and I together in a spiral
That hit me like a neural implosion.
It was incredible – The way they just knew
And I seemed to be frozen
As they found their way to me.
With an outstretched hand, they began the corrosion
Of that terror that froze me so certainly
That I could hardly find the source of such emotion.
It wasn't magic or kindness or humanity that made my heart seem to stop
And I made sure to rid myself of the notion.
It was simple science – the science of balance.
Such beauty and power needs a nullifying force – I was chosen.

It was a dance meant for partners
And partners meant two.
It was as everyone else found their match
That I saw them and flew
Across the floor in a flurry of movement and flagrant passion
I stole them in a fury, and into a new dance we drew.
Where I galloped, they would glide
And though newly acquainted, we were partners through and through.
They were calm and precise where I was burning firelight
So I was fire, and they were ice, tranquil and blue.
Others stopped to stare at our mad flight
Maybe to scoff, but there was something of our dance that was so true
To who we were that made hearts sing
Because they and me, me and they, we took the respect we were due.

It was nothing that happened – Nothing at all.
Just a stroll down the street.
They didn't stand out, and neither did I,
But I felt their touch like a tingle of electricity from crown to feet.
I must have been mad and insane
As desperation began to secrete
Into my veins and through my mind,
But I failed that night – There was no awe-inspiring feat.
I couldn't find them, and they couldn't find me.
It was heartbreaking finding we couldn't meet,
But I returned each and every single day to vow
To find that person who made my heart skip a beat.
And every day was a beginning and an end for us.

It was like an explosion with a huge radius blast,
Us both stealing attributes – I stole evil, and they claimed good.
Where we'd been neutral before, that was in the past.
They cried hero, and I sighed villain.
We once were friends, but it was gone in a flash.
And as we grew on opposing sides,
We both knew and were aghast
At the single fact that we were in a constant battle with ourselves.
There's a mold in which enemies seem to be cast,
But we two were unique in our reliance upon one another.
They and I – we weren't meant to be, and so I laughed
At the absurdity that villain meant against everyone and not for myself.
It couldn't be my goal to make them breathe their last.
It was easy to see how much better than I
They were – Don't be daft.
And so we were – Opposing forces always in unison
Because it was more than our mission.
Saving one another was our craft.

It was a roar of a lion that started our paths crossing.
I was petrified in fear, shaking, but they stood so tall
In the face of adversity as I sank down, down, down.
As I remember it, they stood when all I did was crawl.
If they had the courage of a mountain cat,
I had the terror of a rat, skittish and small.
I thought they'd play with me
Like a toy, like a doll,
But they had the kindness and the courage and the strength
I lacked, and I did so bawl,
But they told me I was special.
They said they needed someone reliable they could call
To trust and have and love,
Even if I knew that all I would do was fail and fall,
But I became the restraint to their courage and preservation in their selflessness.
We were different, but no one pointed it out – No one had the gall.
They had the heart of a lion and I the soul of a monster,
But together we belonged in the champion's hall.

And that, I swear, answers the question of our meeting,
But clearly neglects another question.
I can tell you who they are.
Begin your asking cession.

Who could they be?
How could they possibly be all I say?
How could it all be true
Unless I've lied to you today?

Well, the answer is simple.
The one I speak of is all that and more
Because all they are is a series of possibilities
Of who the person is that I'm waiting for.

But who is this person, you ask?
How do I have so much faith not to believe they'll be brand new?
Well, I suppose I don't need faith
Because this person I've waited for is you.

Because meeting you, I see you were worth the wait.
And it's exactly as I always imagined.
Because you and I came together just like fate.
It's like a neural implosion, a dance for two,
An electric touch, an unrealized hate,
The touch of lovers, and coward and lion that together are great.
You're everything I thought, everything I want.

But I can see by your look that you're upset for the time I left you be.
I'm truly sorry I left you waiting and if I leave you wanting.
For that, can you forgive me?
It's okay if you can't – I'll be okay,
But if you can, is there a chance of one day us being We?


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