The Waters and I

I used to be terrified 

Of what others used to think. 

I used to be terrified 

That I was meant to sink. 

I was scared to swim

Against the familiar waves.

If I floated with them,

Maybe I'd be okay. 

I never swam.

I only drowned.

The waves pushed, 

And they pulled me down.

Then I grew tired.

My lungs grew sore.

I didn't want to keep drowning anymore.

I became the waters. 

I became the sea.

The once powerful waters

Now had no power over me. 

I am the power.

I am the waves.

I am the only thing I need

To be okay. 

I begged the skies

To show me light.

But even in darkness,

I am alright. 

I am my own strength.

I am my own motivation.

I am my own God.

I am from my own creation.

The fear I once was

Has died away.

I am something stronger.

I am the meaning of brave. 



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