The Water

You’re a Pisces, they say,

that means you’re artistic and spacey and imaginative,

You love the Water.

The family goes for a vacation,

a trip filled with excitement, joy, and laughter,

the rays of the Sun are shimmering along the lake,

let’s go for a swim,

You’ll love the Water.

As I’m pulling my body through the waves I can feel the rays of her Sun,


with the sounds of laughter.

I look around to see Dad destroying Mom’s float,

Save her!

She is forced to fall captive to the waves.

My body is shivering,

when did the Water get so cold?

Dad is holding Mom down to the sand beneath the water.

Is this my imagination?

Are the rays from the Sun going to shimmer onto the lake’s horizon once again?

They say I’m a Pisces so I am very creative with my thoughts,

I love the Water.

The Water continues to freeze those lurking in it,

My head above it’s surface,

watching as Mom learns how to breathe underWater.

As I turn away to inspect the floating debris,

I am hit by a wave.

This wave so massive,

so cold and dark,

the once murky lake Water was now a black ocean of torment.

As my body fights the whips and turns of the violent tides,

I feel my lungs begin to collapse.

The rays from the Sun will never shine again.

I feel my body begin to depreciate into the sandy sea floor,

Mom can see me struggle,

but her suffering is too much to carry all on her own so I need to rescue my own breath.

As Dad holds her captive to the emmaculate waves, I free myself.

My eyes catch glimpse of the rays from the Sun from below the surface of the Water,

I reach my arm out,

signaling that I can see her,

I can breathe!

Dad, still holding Mom in the sand, can see me free.

 With a smile on his face, he turns and says,

”Oh my little Pisces,

you’re so artistic and spacey and imaginative!

Don’t You Love This Water?” 

I carry my body onto shore and run to the Sun,

I may be a Pisces,

But I do not love the Water. 

This poem is about: 
My family
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