Wasteful Meat

She was hungry, peaked and breathless

“I’m starving”

Words meant to manipulate

I capitulate

“How big is the salami?”

“Roll it up with cream cheese, have you ever

Had that before?”

I go to the kitchen

And carefully, lovingly roll the soft, silky cheese

Into slices of bologna. 

This was not salami. 

“What the fuck is this?  This is not salami.”

“I’m sorry, baby.  I didn’t realize it until...”

“Fuck off, you’re stupid.  Get out of my face.

Now two pieces

Of bologna have gone to waste”.

I look over gently, “I’m sorry”.

She says “shut up, don’t touch me, how could you?” with venom

I was guilty of not knowing my lunch meats

And wasting the precious cheeses within them.

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