Was it love?


United States
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I gave you all my trust.
maybe it was love or was it just lust.
You stole my heart without a doubt,
and now I can't find a way out.

I look up to the sky and ask God why me,
what do I have to do to be free.
I took the time to see,
we were not meant to be.

We put in so much time,
where do we draw the line.
We go back & forth, back & forth but nothing ever changes.
like Obama said its time to make a change.

Everyone tells me I deserve better,
but still I see the best in you.
When you said you loved me was it true,
or did you just make it up out the blue.

I thought you were my superman,
but you turned out to be everybody's man.
I cried and cried till my eyes turned red,
my new best friends were now my pillow and bed.

My friends are happy all the time,
I try again time after time.
Young love can be nice and sweet,
but it can change in one heart beat.

My mom tells me this time shall past,
but my heart feels like its the last.
How can what we built be a lie,
when all I ever did was try.

I wish I can go back to the day we met,
so now I wouldn't have any regrets.
I wish you could see,
that everything I did was for you and me.

They say what goes around comes around,
so when will your time come.
By the time you realize what you had,
I will consider you as my past!


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